Our gym shoes are purposely designed for indoor sports such as bodybuilding, powerlifting, boxing & MMA. Aside from being incredibly stylish, they are also very functional.

What Size Should I Get?

Each shoe product has it's own size guide and chart. In general, the shoes are in US standard. As each shoe brand varies, we highly recommend just double checking the length (we have provided details on the product page). This ensures you get the right size.

Our shoes will give substantially [approx half a size]. They might feel fitted and too tight at first. Rest assured, this is normal. After 3-4 wears they will breath, and mold to the shape of your foot and be super comfortable.

Are your shoes flat soled?

Yes, our shoes are uniformly flat. Approx 3.8mm incompressible outersole designed for longevity and for indoor gym use. We found this thickness to be perfect for both feeling the ground under your feet, as well as to make sure the shoe does not feel too flimsy.

Can I run in your shoes?

 It is advised you don't run in the shoes as they are not designed for running.

Due to the thin outersole, there is little protection from the elements. It is not a good idea to get your shoes soaked in water due to their leather build.

Best practice is to keep your shoes protected and used indoors away from wet & muddy environments. You will achieve maximum longevity this way!

If you have any questions, please, just shoot us an email here!