What size should I get?

Please see the product page for recommended details on sizing and fitments. if in doubt please do not hesitate to contact us here.


My Elbow/Knee sleeves are hard to put on.

When speaking specifically of the elastane variety, some first-time users find it difficult to apply the sleeves. This is quite normal, they are rigid and stiff. The knee variety are a lot easier to apply as you can use two hands to do so.

However, the elbow sleeves are a lot harder to slip on, particularly when doing it by yourself as you really only have one hand free to help put them on.

You can combat this by choosing a larger size, but this is at the expense of slightly less support.

Other options are; the use of a gym partner to help you slide them on. Or, power-lifters also commonly use telco/baby powder as perspiration on the skin can make it quite difficult to slide up your arm.

Also please note, the sleeves do need some "stretching" and they will give after 3-4 weeks of use.