Iron Tanks have been and continue to be, a brand that supplies customers with a range of IPF Approved products, spanning for over 10+ years.

What does "IPF Approved" mean?

We pay licensing fees to the IPF - which inturn supports and grows powerlifting as an international sport

  • Our products are checked and approved by the IPF
  • Our products meet IPF regulations and specifications
  • Our products can be used in IPF competitions

What to be wary of?

Please be aware of other sellers / companies who use terms such as "IPF compliant". Those products generally speaking are;

  • Not approved for competition in the IPF
  • Not inspected to ensure they meet IPF regulations and specifications
  • They try to benefit using the IPF brand, without any direct assosiation, involvement or support of powerlifting

If ever in doubt, please visit the link below to find a list of IPF approved brands and products.