This is a guide for measuring your knee and elbows to ensure you get the right size fit for you.

Our sleeves are super high quality - they are stiff and rigid - but are forgiving after some use and they 'break in' a little over time.

With regards to sizing - how you use the sleeve will ultimately determine what size is for you. Please see below for both knee and elbow sizing guides to ensure your perfect fit!


Knee Size Chart And Guide

This is a standing measurement around the middle of the knee cap. If your calf is bigger than your knee, please take the greater measurement. 

Example For Knee Sleeves

Sam measures 43cm around the knee cap - using the size chart on the product page (or see above for it) he fits into the range for an '3XL' size set of sleeves. This would be suitable for a normal fit - slight difficulty getting them on initially, but still providing a heap of support and warmth around the knee.

For a 'competition' fit, he might select the '2XL' size. Keeping in mind, these will be tight and difficult to apply for maximum support and stability.

There are a few techniques for getting knee sleeves on - initially they will be quite difficult to put on, which is normal. If you're patient, and correctly apply them - they are the toughest sleeve on the market and built to last.


Elbow Size Chart And Guide

This is a relaxed measurement with your arm hanging by your side. Measure the bicep 10cm above the the elbow joint, then use this number with the corresponding size chart. Typically females will fall across S & M sizes.


Example For Elbow Sleeves

Chris measures his bicep 10 up from the elbow joint and it is 37cm. Using the size chart on the product page (or see above for it) he fits into the range for an 'Large' as well as XL size set of sleeves. In this scenario, the large sleeve would be a very firm fitting sleeve. The XL would be an easier sleeve to apply. If you are borderline, we would also recommend the size up for ease of use.

For a competition fit, he would select the smaller size (large). Keep in mind competition fits typically require the help of a gym partner to get the elbow sleeves on for obvious reasons (you only have one hand helping if you do it yourself!)


If you have any questions or queries, simply get in touch with us and we'll be more than happy to help.