Our belts are made from tough cow hide leather and may feel intimidating when worn at first. This is quite normal until the belt is broken in which can take up to a month pending how much you use it. Signs of discomfort (with regards to “digging” in to your ribs) is quite normal and you might be a little sore after heavy use. This is particularly the case if you’re used to a contoured belt. Rest assured, a 10.00cm width offers the most support. The belt will soften, and you will become accustomed to it in time, rest assured!


We’re also proud to say our buckles, as far as we know, are the toughest and heaviest in the cosmos. If you haven’t used a lever belt before, buckles can be a little tricky to get on so may require some jigging about. As they have a slight curve in them, the belt must also be slightly curved when applying.


Once you’ve clipped the lever on, apply the belt. The pressure of your waist pushing outward will allow the teeth to bite in hard. The lever will not come off until you unclamp it. If you are having trouble with the lever staying shut, ensure you have put some curve into the end of the belt with the 4 holes – this is a more common on thicker 13mm belts. As the belt breaks in (softens up), this will get better. The belt must be worn firmly, if on too loose, the lever will not do its job correctly.