There are a number of reasons we have to sell our lever buckles and belts separately.

The 4 straightforward answers as to why we have to do this are as follows:

1. Some people only want the lever, and don't need a belt as they already own one. We are renown for our robust and premium quality lever buckles. As such, there have been many people who have sought to purchase one from us to replace an existing buckle that has broken on a belt that they own from another brand.

2. Some people wish to only purchase a belt by itself as they already own a buckle. This can be a result of gaining or losing a large amount of weight - therefore creating a requirement for a different sized belt.

3. The ability to mix and match lever belt and buckle style/colour. With our ever-growing amount of belt and buckle combos, this is the easiest way to allow a complete custom and unique combination to the customer.

4. Inventory management. Without getting technical - there is simply no way for us to manage our inventory by attempting to create every possible belt/buckle combo as a kit. Separating them is currently the only way for us to ensure accurate stock levels and to ensure order processing is efficient and as quick as possible.

We are constantly looking to improve the user shopping experience at our store, and as such, will endeavour to continue to sharpen up this process with subsequent website updates and when technology evolves.