Unsurpassed Quality & Prices

Our commitment to quality has been our priority since our inception. We pay attention to the smallest of details.

From the composition of our lever buckles & belts, to the ratio of cotton / weave structure in our garments - and the toe box volume in our gym shoes - all these attributes matter to us. They impact on your training and ultimately on your lifestyle. Second place is not an option for us. Durability, longevity and performance are quintessential.

So why can we provide the best for great prices? There are 2 reasons.

1. In your every day retail store, there are a lot unnecessary costs involved in distribution, licencing, reselling etc. Our R&D and design is done locally. Our products are manufactured and come direct to us from our factory. The result is having absolute control over production, development & quality control - ensuring we can provide the best quality for the best price.

2. Unnecessary promotional and marketing costs - while every business needs to advertise and market their products to ensure its survival - some pay exorbitant amounts to "guru's" or "celebrities" who are only promoting the product in exchange for a hefty dollar amount. It has no bearing on the quality of the product or whether they truly believe in it.

We don't do this. Those who promote our product truly believe in it and actually use it themselves. Furthermore, they are genuine athletes. For example, Dr. Layne Norton who is not only an IPF World Record Holder but also a scientist. He broke the world record using our powerlifting belt and buckle. He endorses this product as he personally tested it for 6 months prior to use.

Our products are thoroughly tested, scrutinized and critiqued. We are confident our efforts will be reflected in your happiness once you have purchased from us. 




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